Pucker Up – 7 Ways As to How to Make a Man Kiss You Without Seeming Needy Or Too Desperate


There are several ways that you can get a guy to pucker up and give you the kiss that you need to see if there are any sparks between you. Some of these methods are simple, others are classic. These tips are the perfect way to get that kiss setup, all you have to add is you and they guy in question.

Use a Trick

This is slightly devious way to get that much needed kiss out of the way and settle any sexual tension between you once and for all. Some of the classic tricks to get a guy to kiss you are to use mistletoe, playing a kissing game, or sneaking one in when they trun their face. Sometimes these work the way that they are intended and other times they do not.


Get him in the mood for love by flirting with him, touch, talking and sharing are great ways to open the floor up to a passionate kiss that may have needed to happen for a long time.

Set the Proper Mood

Soft moments are the most conducive to a kiss. Establish a scene where the mood is right for a soft moment and then drop little hints as the night goes along. If the mood is right and the magic is there then a kiss may be in the works.

Have Him Walk you Home/Walk You to Your Door or Car

This is a classic moment for a sudden kiss to happen after a casual and enjoyable evening together. Even if the night was not a “date” this is a possibility if things have been going the right way.

Let Him Know It’s OK to Kiss You

Let him know that it’s OK to make and attempt at kissing you. If he has shown anything that appears to be interest in you sexually then make an intimate contact gesture, such as looking into his eyes or touching his neck or chest lightly with your hand. He is much more open to the idea of kissing you if you if he knows that it’s OK to try it, especially if you work together.

Close the Distance Between the Two of You

If things are already in a state of sexual tension between the two of you, all you may have to do to get a guy to kiss you, is to close the distance between you. Simply move close to him and look into his eyes and if the moment has magic then he will kiss you.


Close the Distance Between the Two of You

If things are already in a state of sexual tension between the two of you, all you may have to do to get a guy to kiss you, is to close the distance between you. Simply move close to him and look into his eyes and if the moment has magic then he will kiss you.

Initiate the Attempt at a Kiss

One of the best ways to get a guy to kiss you is to initiate the kiss yourself. Even if you do not follow through the attempt is enough to open him to finishing the job on his own accord.

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Article by: Krista Hiles

Taylor Swift photos

Two-timing Taylor? Um, give me a break!

According to Star Magazine, the lovely Taylor Swift has been caught cheating on boyfriend Conor Kennedy with Patrick Schwarzenegger!


Wow, shock and disbelief, much?  I smell a total phony-face out to make a quick buck by spreading ridiculous rumors.  Swift is far to innocent and adorable to be making out with her boyfriend’s cousin at a family even as the magazine claims.  She would at least have the decency to hide it better if this were indeed a feasible rumor. 


I find it rather hard to imagine that the 22 year old singer who singes about break-up songs, fairytales, and dresses like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, has boomeranged the quality she hates most (cheaters!) into her everyday life.


Star reports that an insider says, “The Kennedys do not care for Taylor Swift. They think she’s a hanger-on and find her obsession with the Kennedy cousins disconcerting.  Taylor lost the respect of everyone in the family.  They despise her and don’t want her anywhere near Conor or Patrick. As far as the Kennedys are concerned, Taylor is trash.”


Um, just who is this “insider” again? Huh Star Magazine?  Seems as if the only thing that is suitable to be called “trash” around here is this bogus editorial with off-the-radar “facts.”


Our culture is fascinated by celebrities, so much that we think we need to dig and dig into each facet of their personal lives.  Gossip magazines are taking over the newsstands and we need to be mindful about what we say and read.  Celebrity gossip is a fun and engaging activity, but for the most part, let’s keep it positive for the most part, yes?  And before we print something totally nasty, how ‘bout we check our facts? 


The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 Review!

***THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS*** If you haven’t seen the show, watch it here!


“I love you, and it’s because I love you, I can’t be selfish with you.”


Ahhh! One of my favorite Damon quotes of all time! Okay, that is enough with the spoilers.  I just have to say, this show gets better and better with each season.  I cried with Elena as she learned that Damon was, in fact, the man that met her first, NOT STEFAN! WOW! 

Seriously though, this show is highly amusing, I love the action that the director managed to pack into this single episode.  The show has been set-up for a great rest-of-the-season.  Now, for the love of god, will Klaus either change or get the eff off of the show? I’m tired of having my feelings jerked around about whether I like him or not.  He’s such a bad boy, yet, I want him so badly? What is wrong with me!


I have an unhealthy addiction to the show.  CW, I love you. 


Looking forward to the rest of the season! 



The Band Review: Where You’ll Find the Latest in Rock Bands Ratings and Rock Bands Reviews

Are you into bands or independent artists? Are you fond of group or single artists? Are you into metallic-rock band or on other music genre? If you are more into the former options all in all than the latter, then there is an interesting site for you online – the band review.

The band review is a place where you can view featured rock bands with their description. You can read rock band reviews in this site and at the same time you can write reviews on the band that you are familiar with as well. You contribute the review on your familiar rock band by inputting it in the directory list which is arranged chronologically. In the same way, if you wish to read reviews on other rock bands, you simply have to click on the letter that starts with the name of the band and you can view all the reviews regarding that particular rock band. Aside from rock band reviews, you can add rock bands ratings as well. With rock band ratings, you get to evaluate how the rock bands do well according to personal vote or opinion. The rock band ratings can range from very poor to excellent at five stars rate with five as the highest rating. 

In the band review site, you can also get updated with the latest news of the rock bands through the news tab. There are varied featured rock bands in the band review as it is the site that collects everything about rock bands. The visitors can not just make and get personal information about rock bands through the rock band reviews and rock band ratings but they can also be updated on the news of the featured rock bands, view advertisement on the rock band albums, tour, and concerts, and can get linked into the site from the visitor’s own website. 

With the band review, you get to interact with other rock band enthusiasts by exchanging rock band reviews and rock band ratings on your favorite rock band. It is exchange because you can freely write your own review where others can view it at the same time you can also view other people’s reviews. Not only the rock band enthusiasts get the benefit from the site but also those who wish to learn about particular rock bands for purposes other than interest. 
Rock bands are one of the most interesting subjects among music enthusiasts. Rock bands have great influence in the music industry and fans tend to look for any information about their rock band idols. The band review can be useful site for those who seek more about rock bands. They do not only provide information given by music industry insiders such as producers, disk jockeys, musicians, and rock band members. The information is particularly given by anybody including consumers and rock band lovers through freelance review of the particular rock band. With this, the interaction and the exchange of reviews are not limited to a perspective from particular group but can be as wide as anybody’s contribution to the review.


Post by Andrew Hall


I wish I could be Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw is possibly the only female fictional character that I’ve ever fallen in love with.  She kicks ass.  Enough said. ♥

This little pixie ball of energy writer, Carrie, captivated my attention from season 1, episode 1.  I just love her.  She manages to have three fabulous BFFS, a great apartment, handsome boyfriends, a freelance writing career, and WTF? Endless amounts of cash to blow on shoes, bags, and pretty much anything else she could possibly want?

Let’s face it.  We can’t all be “Carrie Bradshaw.” Nor should be pretend we are and have a shoe box of shame full of maxed out credit cards because we like to pretend to be.  That is just silly. LOL.  (Gosh, Golly, Gee, I sure don’t have one!)

Furthermore, where the hell does Carrie get the money to afford such a lifestyle? I’m a freelance writer and only make about a fraction of what this girl seems to pull in…



Are you thinking about getting married in NYC?

Are you thinking about getting married in NYC? You should! Recently, my friend got married there and it was absolutely magical!!!♥♥♥  It doens’t take much more than a simple ’Google Image’ search to figure this out.  Just look at this beautiful picture of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl <3

Seriously, what could be better than tying the knot in the most magical city ever built?  I say, it’s a do-it-gal! : )


Creative ways to earn holiday shopping money

The holidays are, yet again sneaking up on us, and lot of people have been asking me, “have you started your Christmas shopping yet?”

I hate to admit it, but no, I haven’t. And I haven’t even thought about it! Usually around the holidays, I try to pick up some extra odd jobs because with school loans, GAS, groceries, and everything else, I simply don’t have the money to shop like I would like to shop. 

When people remind me that Christmas “will be here before ya know it!” It only reminds me that it’s time for me to go pick up some odd jobs. 

I want to share with you some things that I do to earn (a great deal!) of money during the holidays.


Of course I write everyday for various blogs, my own blog, and local publications, but if you troll freelance job boards, writing gigs are abundant, and usually pay somewhere between $15-50 per article/blog post.


Every holiday I pick up some shifts at the local department store.  Three evenings a week (after I work my full-time job!) I go and push Clinique products at the make-up counter.  It’s not a bad gig!


Have to put that MBA to use.  I offer business and creative business consulting for $100 per hour.  I also charge an extra $300 for professional business proposals to those who may be looking to start their own business after they get their tax return.

With these jobs, usually after a month of pushing products, writing, and consulting I have approximately $3000.  (Obviously more than I would have saved during the year especially for Christmas shopping!)


….How do you earn extra money for Christmas shopping? Feel free to share!

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Women Can’t Get Enough of Oscar de la Renta Nail Polish

The modern trend in the fashion world is for top designers to go out of their box to try out other fields. A fine example is Oscar de la Renta, who has come up with his own line of nail polish, which is set to become one of the best nail polish brands. Indeed, with his nail polish collection, he makes sure that it is able to express his great interest in exuberant hues. He wants the public to have the zest and excitement that he himself possesses over this nail polish line.

This was made sure at the de la Renta fall fashion show wherein the nail polish collection is available in 3 main hues. These are Aubergine, which is a plum color that’s perfect to meet the fall season; Red Carnation, which is a bright red hue that’s ideal to be worn in any holiday get together these fall and winter season; and ice blue color, the nail polish that’s meant for the lady manicure lover.

Best Oscar de la Renta Dresses for his 3 main nail collection colors:

For the Red Carnation, any woman will look her best with the fashion designer’s ball gowns and sleek evening dresses; although perfect for this nail polish hue is an ostrich-styled peplum with a closed-neck top, and is encrusted with brightly-colored, plastic-petal florals.

Any Oscar de la Renta woman will love her nails polished in Auburgine, while wearing a dark gray or neutral while colored gown that exudes a familiar style in Balenciaga. Accents can be enjoyed with some pampilles dangles, which are tiny baubles that are wrapped in wide silk threads. Another great dress to go with the Auburgine nail paint is a silver-colored sheath dress that’s also made popular by de la Renta. Such exotic dress combined with plum-colored Auburgine is surely a style match that’s made in heaven.

Mr. de la Renta is obviously not just a designer whose sole goal is to see his creations modeled in top Fashion Weeks and seen in upscale haute couture boutiques in major cities in the US and all over the world. It’s not just about dresses, but also on fashion accessories and products that make women groomed from head to toe. This is the reason why his special nail polish came about, which immediately become a hit and in great demand by his loyal female followers.

Oscar de la Renta is not just a fashion expert who creates beautiful dresses. Women are fortunate that he decided to venture into the beauty and accessory department. And with his three nail shades, this cosmetic line is meant to be labeled as some of the best nail polish brands that more and more women will be excited to use on their nails.

Article by: I have been writing about fashion and beauty for many years. I have various articles that help women groom themselves with the latest fashion trends. The inspiration to write comes from my experimental lifestyle and love for fashion. Through writing I share my experiences and feelings regarding the latest fashion news in the market. Follow Clarissa Seaton on Google+.


Why I want to work for myself

Blogging seems like such a narcissistic activity, am I right? As I venture into creating this “pop-culture magazine-blog” I have to wonder to myself “why the hell do I think anyone cares what I’m thinking, writing about or freely posting on the web?”
But the thing is! Ahh, I do think people genuinely care (and I get this sneaking suspicion from my stats!!!!) But now I have to wonder, why? Why do people care what this little Ari Jonas (not even my real name) has to say? I’m just a girl from a small town who has been fantasizing about owning a flashy magazine publishing company (or a hip little wi-fi café) for my entire life. I’ve always considered myself a fabulous writer and artsy type, and I’ve never thought that I was that dull. But sometimes, when I really get to thinking about it, I realize that I am kinda dull… I sit at my computer for a good five hours each day working on my website and reading up on computer programing. That is five hours I could have spent socializing with friends, shopping, reading in a café, or something-anything-else. But I choose to spend it like this because I’m truly hoping I can entertain and share with you some words that will have some kind of impact on your day.
Also, I think I should mention the reason I actually grew a pair one day and put Urban Life Café into motion. Grab a cup of coffee, I’m going to go off on a narcissistic tangent…
It all started with Sex and the City (no, I’m not joking). This Carrie Bradshaw character changed my life! I wanted to be just like her! Only, maybe slightly more hippie-chic. Needless to say, modeling your life after a fictional character is stupid. But I don’t think it was Carrie that changed my life for the better, I do believe it was myself, I discovered, with Carrie’s help, that you could actually turn writing into a career. So I went on to college to major in English Literature, after all, I wanted to be a credible writer—not just one of those bum “artists” off the street who read their poetry to a bunch of fruit cakes at open-mic night.
After graduation, I got a “real job” and let go of the Carrie Bradshaw dream when Vogue, Cosmo, Women’s Heath, and several other top-notch publications rejected my half-assed query letters proposing some stupid article ideas. I was pretty devastated I wouldn’t be getting paid $4 word for mediocre work.
I currently work as an advertising account executive. It’s not very glamorous! LOL. I work from 8-5 every day and I hate doing it. I hate waking up in the morning. I hate working for other people. But most of all I hate that I’m not WRITING! Of course I tried to get a job in the editorial field, but the starting salary ranged from $7.50-8.50 per hour. Pretty crummy pay. I wanted to be able to afford rent AND food…
One day (a few weeks ago) I said to myself, “if ridiculous bitches like Gala Darling and Perez Hilton can making over 100K blogging, being charismatic, pimping products, and running ads, then, dammit, so can I!”

I have quite the entrepreneurial-spirit, and a go-get ‘em tiger attitude, I see no reason I can’t making doing something I love my full-time job. I want other people to work for ME, dammit, I don’t want to work for THEM!
So that is what I’m doing, and basically, all I’m trying to say to you people that keep coming back for more of Ari Jonas and pop culture news—thank you!! & I love you and I love it when you email me and I love it when you comment with thoughtful things to say! : )
*xo, Ari

How to survive the recession with a profitable hobby and authentic happiness

It’s a recession. High-paying jobs are few and far between.  There is  not use in trying to hide this fact.  People, like myself, are going to  college, graduating, moving back in with their parents into their pubescent  bedrooms, and continuing the vicious cycle of being broke, driving junky cars,  and living on a budget.
So, how’s a girl supposed to afford the lifestyle she wants in her early  twenties?  It’s simple, modify your ideals about what your lifestyle should  be like in your early twenties!  Let me help you, if you’re like me, you  want to go to your new job, get your paycheck, and spend it at the mall (or  wherever).  I realize this is difficult with a job (I worked in print  publishing) that pays approximately $13.50 an hour and an $800 (ore more!)  dollar school loan bill rolling in every month.  So basically, on a good  month (after college graduation) I was making about $2,200.  Over half of  my paycheck was going out in bills: my loans, my smartphone, my out-of-date-car,  my gas tank, groceries, and if I was lucky, I was able to spend approximately  $300 per month on some “career clothes.”
Hah. Hah.  I have a small shopping addiction.  I like nice  things.  I’m guessing if you’re a fan of this blog you’re also into nice  things, in whatever form.  My vice is clothes.  Yours might be a fancy  car, expensive cable, vacations, expensive food–or something.  Whatever it  is, I’ve learned to live on a tight budget, and I’m going to share with you how  I do this.

I quit buying things I didn’t need! Easier said than done.  In a  recession, just be happy that you have a job that allows you to pay the bills,  some people don’t even have that! So, say it with me: my career is a luxury! My  career is a luxury! I don’t need (insert name of vice here)!
Now, keep convincing yourself that you don’t need thing thing, whatever it  is, for me it is new outfits, and find a hobby to replace it with (my hobby is   Preferably a profitable hobby or something that will help you build your resume  or profit in the form of happiness and personal wealth! Yes, I know I’m a total  tree-hugger.  Not only with something like this help you through the  recession, but it will (hopefully) put *more* spare cash into your pocket or put  you on a fast-track to a more profitable career in the future or gained  happiness in the present and future.
I think of it like this: I’ll never miss all of those clothes that I didn’t  buy with what little cash I had leftover after paying my bills.   Never.  There is always time for indulging in vices later…
Society has our heads so wrapped around the idea that “we NEED THINGS to be  happy.” Just turn on the TV and look at a commercial for over-priced automobiles  or fancy kitchen utensils for Christ’s sake… We may have even been tricked  into believing it for a while (I know I was).  But those days are long  over.  I’m no spending countless hours working on myself, happiness, my  blog, and just plain old-fashioned enjoying life for what it is!  The more  fulfilling your life is (without the help of material things) the happier you  will be in the future.
…What was your vice and what will you spend your time doing after letting  go of this guilty little pleasure? Please share!
xo, Ari
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